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What is Backflow?

What is a back flow prevention assembly?

A backflow assembly is a valve located between a pottable  water supply and a hazardous water source. If the water from the hazardous water source enters into the pottable drinking water it creates a hazard for water used by everyone.

Why does my back flow need to be tested annually?

Your back flow assembly must be tested annually to ensure all components inside the valve are working properly. There is a strict criteria that the valve must pass in order to make sure it will close in the event of a back flow incident. 

Why should I choose you to test my back flow?

We have over 25 years of industry experience with our specialization being back flow preventers. We are a one stop shop and will do anything from your annual testing for your home or business to replacing your entire assembly with an approved one. We guarantee your work is  done in a timely manner and that your existing or new back flow will keep everyone safe and last you a long time.

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