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Who is American Backflow & Plumbing

Local and family run Backflow service company.

"Our Story: We were established in 1981 by two brothers: Tony and Brian Johnston. We worked out of Tony’s garage for the first 2 years then moved to a rented space for a year. Now we are located at 5623 SE Center St. Portland, OR in our "forever home". After a while, we were joined by younger brother Mike Johnston and then soon after, our final brother (in-law) Kyle Harms. Our vision from the beginning was to provide uncompromising service and value to the customer. We have always understood the”golden rule” and have sought to implement that ideal not only to our customers but to our employees also. We opened a branch in Seattle, Washington in 2014. We now have 2 full time technicians there. We have grown into 18 full time people!"

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Professional Backflow Services

Annual Backflow Testing

Testing a backflow prevention assembly

This is our bread and butter, We test backflow assemblies all around the Portland metro area and the greater Seattle area as well. We service both residential and commercial properties.

Backflow Repair


If your valve does unfortunately fail. We will be there to repair your assembly in no time. We take pride in getting your assembly serviceable again.

Backflow Replacement


If your backflow does not pass after it has been rebuilt. We do offer an option to do a full replacement as well. Doing all service in house we will reach out to you to begin a quote process if needed.

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